Phileas Fogg has already been amazing adults and children since we opened in 2018.

We now offer a brand new authentic and unique immersive experience. 

Travel with us to multiple exotic locations from around the world, meet some incredible and amazing characters and surround yourself in an experience like nothing else.
Take in the sights, sounds and smells of Victorian London whilst learning of its gruesome history or journey through our Hollywood quality movie sets (built by the very same team behind Harry Potter and James Bond) as you learn about the the floating city of Venice, meet a real life mummy maker in a gruesome Egyptian tomb or get thrown into Jail in the Wild West and much, much more!

Our experience is linked to the KS2 and KS3 National Curriculum (History and Geography) and offers a completely hilarious yet unique approach to learning. This experience is unforgettable!


The dungeon then goes off into more detail and breaks this down.....I think we get this up for now and look at that too a bit later.


'Laughed until my belly hurt' 'AMAZING' ' Exceeded all expectations!' 'FANTASTIC' 'Stupendous fun!' - TRIPADVISOR